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  1. on Hundertwasser: I discovered him in an Eighth Avenue thrift shop in Manhattan, a tiny book of gorgeous prints. I’ve been to his Vienna museum three times and also to the nearby housing complex he designed. His floors are like the earth, a bit wavy, never flat. Once I drove about 40 miles out of my way to see a toilet he designed in a humble New Zealand village. My husband and I took an entire roll of 36 photos each, he in the
    men’s. Phenomenal! Hundertwasser did it so this shabby town would get people coming and perhaps improve!
    He was an amazing artist!!!! Bari

    1. What a lovely story! Plumbing can save the world in more ways than one. I love it when art and function come together. There is absolutely no reason why one cannot have a transformative experience every day—even in the commode! thanks!

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