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a graceful acceptance of change

I just read Tim Blank’s elegant and eloquent review of Rick Owens’ RTW Autumn 2016 show, and it once again reminded me about why I love Rick Owens and his unique vision so much. Owens locked himself in his studio and created a collection that, “would look like it was evaporating,” to paraphrase Blanks. What … Continue reading a graceful acceptance of change

One Man, Five Designers

I am just getting round to posting about Guy Trebay’s interesting article in the NYT on January 8. You can access it here: One Man, Five Designers In it, in the service of “intensive” investigative reporting, he subjected himself to wearing 5 “outfits” (my term) by 5 very different designers over what appears to be … Continue reading One Man, Five Designers

10% happier and Rothko

Anyone who knows me knows I love serendipity—little connections between disparate things that somehow make sense. I am going to propose a new connection—meditation and Mark Rothko. On Sunday I started to use an app, suggested by my mate, called “10% Happier.” It’s developed and supported by a local company, the Change Collective, based in … Continue reading 10% happier and Rothko

How did I get here?

If you are of a certain age and mindset, then you likely have a (possibly vague) recollection of the first time you heard the Talking Heads. I’ll admit they were not so high up on my radar until Remain in Light came out, and one song in particular had resonance then, and still does in … Continue reading How did I get here?

Creative destruction

With all due respect to Schumpeter, and not withstanding the acrobatics of the Tsipiras government, I decided to engage in some creative destruction myself last week. Behold, the process. Step 1: The Patient. I made the necklace above, intended to be inspired by Noguchi. So far, so good. Laying flat, it was fine, but hanging, … Continue reading Creative destruction