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Adieu Harry

I have been reading Harry Eyres’ Slow Lane column for most of the 11 years in the back pages of the Financial Times Weekend Arts section. He was a brilliant, and gentle, counterpoint to his page-mate, Tyler Brulé. Today is his last column for the FT. Give yourself a small gift. Read it.

The Evanescence of Flavour

Last night I opened a bottle of 2005 Chateau Greysac. It’s called a Cru Bougeois Superieur, which is intended, I suppose, to convey a certain amount of ordinariness. However, I found it to be a lovely accompaniment to my meal, tasting like it had been vinified just last year, with a lightness and clarity that … Continue reading The Evanescence of Flavour


I did not know Homaru Cantu. I knew of him. I saw him on TV, like millions, gleefully grinning like a mad scientist as he and his team feverishly prepared one of their weird concoctions. Printing edible menus from their home made printer. Making food that looked like packaging peanuts taste nothing like them. I … Continue reading Homaru