a graceful acceptance of change

I just read Tim Blank’s elegant and eloquent review of Rick Owens’ RTW Autumn 2016 show, and it once again reminded me about why I love Rick Owens and his unique vision so much. Owens locked himself in his studio and created a collection that, “would look like it was evaporating,” to paraphrase Blanks. What … Continue reading a graceful acceptance of change

One Man, Five Designers

I am just getting round to posting about Guy Trebay’s interesting article in the NYT on January 8. You can access it here: One Man, Five Designers In it, in the service of “intensive” investigative reporting, he subjected himself to wearing 5 “outfits” (my term) by 5 very different designers over what appears to be … Continue reading One Man, Five Designers

10% happier and Rothko

Anyone who knows me knows I love serendipity—little connections between disparate things that somehow make sense. I am going to propose a new connection—meditation and Mark Rothko. On Sunday I started to use an app, suggested by my mate, called “10% Happier.” It’s developed and supported by a local company, the Change Collective, based in … Continue reading 10% happier and Rothko

Creative destruction

With all due respect to Schumpeter, and not withstanding the acrobatics of the Tsipiras government, I decided to engage in some creative destruction myself last week. Behold, the process. Step 1: The Patient. I made the necklace above, intended to be inspired by Noguchi. So far, so good. Laying flat, it was fine, but hanging, … Continue reading Creative destruction

New Stuff! 25% off sale for limited time at my Etsy shop

Commingling art and commerce is not new. At the risk of imperiling my artistic integrity, I invite you to consider taking a peek at my Etsy shop. From now until Friday, June 26, 2015, get 25% off existing stock using coupon code SUMMER2015. What would Damien Hirst say!!??


One of my inspirations for jewelry is Tina Chow. I was just a kid when she was big. I actually found out about her through reading Grace Coddington’s autobiography, as Grace was friends with Michael Chow. Tina was an original, for sure. Half German-American and half Japanese. She wasn’t complacent, even though she could have … Continue reading Tina

Paul Weller and the Art of Wabi-Sabi

I was lucky enough to see Paul Weller in his latest incarnation on Saturday night. His rise in The Jam and longevity in general, as a musician, artist, and taste maker, is well-earned. What I have always loved about the punk movement is the way it broke free of the dynamics of the music industry … Continue reading Paul Weller and the Art of Wabi-Sabi