One Man, Five Designers

I am just getting round to posting about Guy Trebay’s interesting article in the NYT on January 8. You can access it here: One Man, Five Designers In it, in the service of “intensive” investigative reporting, he subjected himself to wearing 5 “outfits” (my term) by 5 very different designers over what appears to be … Continue reading One Man, Five Designers

10% happier and Rothko

Anyone who knows me knows I love serendipity—little connections between disparate things that somehow make sense. I am going to propose a new connection—meditation and Mark Rothko. On Sunday I started to use an app, suggested by my mate, called “10% Happier.” It’s developed and supported by a local company, the Change Collective, based in … Continue reading 10% happier and Rothko

Nek Chand’s vision

I must admit I am a bit obsessed with reading obituaries. Of course, I would prefer to learn about amazing people or the occasional talking parrot while they are still alive, but many times I only learn about them in the carefully crafted obituaries that many periodicals take great pride in. It’s funny because there … Continue reading Nek Chand’s vision

I’m not religious

But I love Church. Established in 1873 in Northampton, England, they are apparently still making brogues the old-fashioned way. I love the timeless, yet chic style, and the pragmatism. Of course, they are owned by the Prada group, which makes perfect sense, as Muiccia and her team make whimsical, yet somehow practical stuff that is … Continue reading I’m not religious

(not) Fast Art

I often think about value for money and ponder how it all goes so fast and the feelings (if any) invoked by the act of spending or enjoying are generally brief. 100$ for a meal seems cheap to some, and expensive to others. I love fast fashion as much as the next fashionable gal, but … Continue reading (not) Fast Art

If You Can’t Find It, Design It, Part Deux

Last week, I made a post about Lella and Massimo Vignelli and the great documentary about them, “Design is One.” I have always been inspired by Massimo’s designs, but hadn’t been aware of Lella’s significant contributions to our cultural milieu. What particularly struck me was their no-holds-barred attitude about what they were allowed to do … Continue reading If You Can’t Find It, Design It, Part Deux

If You Can’t Find It, Design It

My friend Andrea suggested this documentary (Design is one) about the Vignelli’s, and I watched it this weekend. I am so glad I did because it summed up why I started making my own wearable art several years ago. I had no idea that Lella Vignelli made so much of her own jewelry, and that … Continue reading If You Can’t Find It, Design It